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A 6 Weeks Online Female Game Changers Program with Canay Atalay, Desiree Driesenaar, Amber Joy Rava, Derya Turk & Rahime Acar.

September 21-November 01, 2020

For heroines only: You are invited to a consciousness journey to 5D Business and Leadership, in harmony with your values, nature and with abundance!

"The question isn't who's going to let me; it's who is going to stop me."
-Ayn Rand


This moment in history offers a fascinating opportunity to understand the consequences of leadership decisions in a high-stakes situation. We know existing leadership and businesses are no longer capable of sustaining the wellbeing of humanity nor the planet. It is time to allow our heroine qualities within, to rise, and give birth to a new story of the human potential together. We understand women, from all ages, backgrounds, cultures and interests need to step up, not only for ourselves but also for our children, communities, future generations and Mother Earth.

It is time to role model fluid leadership and design conscious businesses.

Heroine’s Journey-Online Camp

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“Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.”
― Lao Tzu


In this camp, you’ll learn "5D Conscious Business Model" design process, mega trends, technology and new economies, that will help you design and take action on a conscious strategy and scenario for your business, project or organization. By combining analytical, creative and communication skills, you will both analyze your world view as it is, envision how it could be better, design and take action towards becoming the conscious leader of your business.

Heroine’s Journey-Online Camp

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"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."-Arundhati Roy


During this 6 weeks;

1. You’ll uplearn the inter-connected reasons of transformation to the 5th dimension in human consciousness, technology and business with practical examples, and Q&A sessions with expert guests for each week.

2. You’ll learn repeatable steps, tools and tips that serve both leadership culture transformation and conscious business model design.

3. You will learn how to build a purposeful and soulful business;

  • that is based on your values and dreams

  • that resonates, inspires and empowers your target audiences (community, employees, business partners, clients, communities and future generations.)

  • that is a force for good, serving to the Global Goals, new economies and exponential technologies.

4. You will learn how prototype and test your value proposition and business model

5. How to transform yourself as a conscious leader;

  • You will play with different archetypes of energy (lover, sovereign, warrior and magician) and integrate feminine and masculine energies.

  • Take responsibility of your own wellbeing with wellness practices, breathwork and meditations to dive into your own heart, mind and body

  • In 1on1 coaching, group sessions, and community engagements find out what’s holding you back, what makes you flourish, and what you really want and how you can show up in life and business as a conscious leader.

  • You will experience the art of listening and learn how to facilitate Socratic dialogues, and become aware of your thought addictions and open yourself to creative wisdom.

  • Learn design thinking, liberations structures methods to facilitate conversations, design and collaboration sessions.

6. Experience remote working tools, such as using Zoom, Miro & Slack, and how to facilitate conversations and projects remotely.

7. Upon completion successfully, you’ll receive a 5D Conscious Business Model Design certificate.


I am Canay Atalay, a global cultural innovation and conscious business model designer, design thinking expert, entrepreneur and mother of two daughters. I have led world’s biggest design consultancy, co-founded and led companies in 5 countries, in media, technology, education and have worked with global brands, start-ups, government agencies, communities, and trained students in multiple universities with conscious business model design.

I live in Ibiza, an island respecting the feminine energy and nature. Together with my husband Rudy, we grow our own food partially, experimenting with many mind-body-heart transformational tools and guidance, blessed with amazing community of experts, guides, shamans and most importantly children guides. You can call me a human prototype, who loves learning and transforming. I love going deep in my thoughts, and opening my heart more and more. I am just like you, not perfect and love being liberating everyday more, from all dogmas, social constructs and prison of our minds. I am a dedicated servant, to myself, to you because I know the only way forward is the liberation of women, evolutionary women!

I invite you to this unique 6 weeks online female leadership and business transformation program with me, and amazing guides. Together we will enable you to design design your unique 5D Conscious Business, while becoming the conscious leader of your own heroine’s journey. You are joining a community of heroines who share the passion and vision to create this new world story.

Your business is an extension of your consciousness. You can serve best, by liberating yourself and sharing your gifts through your conscious business.



ONLINE Cohort Courses from Tuesday-Thursday & Sunday Consciousness Sessions

TIME: 1 hour /day

-5 Hours Group Sessions/Week

  • 1 hours 5D Business Model Design & Conscious Leadership

  • 1 hour Storytelling,

  • 1.5 hour Dance & Wellbeing,

  • 1 hour Consciousness Guidance,

  • Biweekly 1 hour Socratic Dialogue

-Additional networking & collaborating online sessions

-Self practice, design and prototyping

LIVE INTERACTIVE ONLINE sessions (Zoom), will also be available as recordings (Community platform-1 year access)

PERSONALIZED GUIDANCE for VIP tickets (1 hour/week) for 1on1 Guidance with Canay Atalay

Heroine’s Journey-Autumn Camp

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Start Date: 21st of September

End Date: 01st of November

Heroine’s Journey-Winter Camp

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Start Date: 9th of November

End Date: 20th of December


"Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe you must become its soul."-Coretta Scott King

This program is for anyone who identifies with being a female (she/her/hers) and believes in her responsibility to lead for a better world that operates from the heart and is abundant.

“5D Conscious Business Model Design” helps female entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, artists, school leaders, community makers, activists, students, family business owners, and anyone who has the passion of serving self, others and the world with consciousness.

If you have been asking yourself what your next step in life is and how you can better serve humanity by doing something that you love and inspires you, the “5D Conscious Business Model Design” will help you bring that wish into reality.

This tried and tested process using 5D Conscious Business Model design has helped hundreds of people around the world figure out what steps they need to take in order to understand complex reality, turn cold, boring old century business jargon and concepts into prosperous passion projects, reflect and serve with business they love.

Meet Autumn Heroines:

Only the best; The bold and the beautiful minds & hearts!

Primavera Salva (NYC), Arzu Kaprol, Julianna Rossi, Amandine Roche, Patricia Romero-Abreu, Eda Carmikli, Magdelena Sortiri and...You are invited!


6 weeks. 6 experts. 11 participants. 44 hours online, live, interactive & real!

DESIGN & LEAD. Tuesday (7-8.30 pm CET) 5D Conscious Business Model design & Leadership with Canay Atalay (5D Values, Conscious Value design, UNSDG, Cultural Transformation, New Economic Models, Key Activities, Partnerships, Defining Success, Prototyping & Launching). Conscious Futurism & Mega Shifts (From Mind to Heart) with Rudy De Waele.

EMBODY. Wednesday (7-8.30 pm CET) Sacred Embodiment with Amber Joy Rava (Wellness, Dance, Breathwork, Meditation & Energy Work)

TELL. Thursday (7-8 pm CET) Storytelling & Regenerative Leadership with Desiree Driesnaar

Sunday (7-8 pm CET)

HEAL. Sunday (7-8 pm CET)

-Purpose Meditation & Art Awakening with Biba

-Consciousness Guidance "Living in The Heart" with Derya Turk

-Beyond Fear of Money, Success and Self Worth- "Liberate Yourself" Healing Sessions with Rahime Acar

LISTEN. Monday (7-8 pm CET) Socratic Dialogues (Biweekly)

JOURNEY. Anytime

Community Interactions: Online- Community Platform, Miro, Slack & Zoom

GuestHouse: Weekly Curated Online Conversations & Networking Sessions with Inspirational Women, all around the world (Previous Participants to Our Guest House: Sunny Bates, Sophia Swire, Desiree Driesnaar, Filiz Telek &Merve Tekin)

Collaboration Sessions

Celebrations: Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony



Autumn Camp (VIP) 2,100 EUR (Includes Personalised Coaching, Content & Networking)

Autumn Camp (Group) 1,600 EUR

Early Bird for Winter Camp (VIP) 1,800 EUR (Includes Personalised Coaching, Content & Networking)

Early Bird for Winter Camp (Group) 1,350 EUR/person

Heroine’s Journey-Autumn Camp

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Start Date: 21st of September

End Date: 01st of November

Heroine’s Journey-Winter Camp

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Start Date: 9th of November

End Date: 20th of December

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